Current Online Casino Banking Options

Leading Canadian online casinos provide six deposit options. Let’s break down each of them and see what choices each of them provides.

Credit card as payment option

Credit & Debit Cards

Surprisingly, this option is the least popular among other online casino deposit methods. Though commonly used in the past, modern banking systems frown upon casino related transfers. Today, we recommend players to switch to alternative banking choices.



E-wallet solution represents a conduit between the player’s bank account and the casino provider. E-wallets come in multiple forms:

Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-Paid Cards

It is an ideal choice for players who need external control over their bankroll. They are available in a variety of denominations at retail stores, and they use a pin code or serial number that is typed on the bank module after choosing the kind of a pre-paid card. Some common cards are:

Paying with a Mobile Device

As smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, mobile payment may seem to be by far the most convenient banking choice. Especially so as with many casino providers players are able to choose from many mobile operators.

For example, Boku, which is extensively supported in Canada by Bell Canada and TELUS Mobility, enables you to pay via carrier billing.

Transfers Through Bank Wire

This is a more traditional way, viable for those who have strong, timely contact with their banks. Players may call their bank and request a wire transfer using the casino’s bank wire information in the casino’s banking section. Bank transfer is among online casino deposit methods where players may refrain from providing the casino any of their financial information.

Cryptocurrency Transfers

The degree of anonymity makes it a popular choice for online casino players because it offers a safe and quick transaction procedure. However, its major flaw is that it is still not generally acknowledged, and new users may find it difficult to understand how to convert CAD to cryptocurrency in the first place.

The volatility of cryptocurrency may also be a source of anxiety for customers, since transferring CAD to crypto to play at a casino and then converting it back to CAD seems to be a very hazardous strategy. How much you’ve earned or lost in conversion rates by the time you withdraw back into fiat money might be a headache.

As a result, we don’t advocate cryptocurrencies for novice users; however, if you already have bitcoin stored or if you live in the United States, where the rules are fairly confusing, it’s definitely a wonderful alternative. However, because it is allowed in Canada to play at online casinos, Canadians have a plethora of superior payment choices.

Online casino deposit methods performed through cryptocurrency are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Etherium
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash