Miss Quincy Bio

Vancouver based bluesy rock n’ roll trio MISS QUINCY & THE SHOWDOWN are following up their acclaimed 2014 release Roadside Recovery with a brand new single. Remind Me of Myself brings Quincy’s songwriting to the forefront and showcases her powerhouse vocals that sit comfortably in the timeless space between vintage soul and cutting edge pop hooks. After spending the winter in Toronto, Los Angeles and Melbourne the band is inspired to showcase new songs and hit the long hard roads of the Canadian tour trail. Late nights, badass grooves and festival stages. This is not your dad’s blues.

Roadside Recovery, the third full-length album for Quincy and first for the full band, saw MISS QUINCY & THE SHOWDOWN clocking hundreds of thousands of kilometers crossing dozens of countries on 3 different continents, playing every dirty barroom, music club, house concert and festival on the way. Produced by Matthew Rogers (The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer), who took the road grit and whiskey regrets from the band and scrubbed every track with them. The album is full of soul and vibrant life, breaking boundaries for Miss Quincy and the Showdown, or rather, smashing them down in the style of Joan Jett or the Black Keys.